Tonight the Fellini Award is presented to a Queen. During her long career, the actress who will receive it has impersonated more queens than any other actress, on screen and on stage as well. But in this recent years she also spontaneously became the queen of Puglia, and she helped our region in its growth day by day with her magical presence, her gaze full of love and the shining light of her smile.
But how can you ever reward a Queen? Whatever you say, you run the risk of irreverence. And on the other hand, if you want to try to use the sense of humour you should better know that she is also the queen of sense of humour.
We can only say that this marvellous actress has lived perhaps more lives on the screen than any other actress. But this also can sound wrong because her career seems to have just begun and she is ready to amaze us over and over again, just like a woman is capable of doing.
At this point, we can only mention her name. Nothing else. The rest is History. History in constant motion.

The Federico Fellini Platinum Award for Cinematic Excellence goes to:



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