Teatro Margherita is one of Bari’s historical theatres, it reopened in December 2018 after a long restoration work and it is now converted into museum of contemporary art. Teatro Margherita was built between 1912 and 1914 in the old port, on pillars placed in the sea. The theatre was born as a replacement for the Varietà Margherita, a wooden theatre which opened on September 5, 1910, and which was destroyed shortly after on July 22, 1911 by a violent fire, whose causes, including possible arson, remain unknown. The structure of Teatro Margherita was designed in perfect Art Nouveau style, and since it was totally surrounded by water, the theatre was connected to the mainland through a boardwalk. On August 22, 1914 it was opened under the name of Kursaal Margherita. The theatre was closed on February 20, 1980, and later the restoration work began, in several steps, until 2019.  Since several years Teatro Margherita is, and will still be, the venue of Bif&st press activities.

Piazza IV Novembre, 70122 Bari BA
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