Tonight, the Fellini Award is awarded to one of the most outstanding directors and masters of European cinema: an author who has been able to translate personal search and the wonder of discovery into unforgettable films:


In a packed Master Class held right here this morning at the Petruzzelli Theatre, together with his collaborator and friend, the great master cinematographer VITTORIO STORARO, Carlos Saura has explored the ultimate meaning of painstaking and passionate work, which began over sixty years ago in Spain through documentary cinema and has continued in an eclectic and overwhelming fashion following various styles and genres.

Over time, films such as Cria Cuervos, Blindfolded Eyes, The Hunt, Carmen, Ay Carmela! and Tango, just to name a few, have established the work of Carlos Saura at the great Festivals of Venice, Cannes and Berlin, with special tribute paid precisely to Tango, which received an Oscar nomination.

He creates a visual journey of great sophisticated refinement, based on offering the audience a deeply engaging cinema where film, dance and music, as well as the sentimental universe of ‘icons’ such as Carmen, Don Giovanni and Goya are sublimated into an intense and exciting cinematic story.

The Fellini Award is therefore awarded to Carlos Saura for his unique ability to design an imaginative cinema comprised of beauty, sensuality, rhythm, passion and emotion.

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