Today the Fellini prize is awarded to a director who has made his passion for literature a style, and his civil commitment in favor of society and human rights a “mission”


An author who over the years has amazed us with his eclecticism and his ability to adapt novels for the big screen, through original cinematographic transpositions and embellished by his profound sensitivity. From According to Pereira to Jonah Who Lived in the Whale, from Marianna Ucria to I Viceré, from Anita B. to Lost Lover, from The Days of Abandonment to Order of Death, of which the Bifest had the opportunity years ago to present a very rare copy: Faenza has managed to merge words and images into a new, original and exciting story.


But Roberto Faenza’s cinema also highlights another very important trait, namely that of the civil commitment in narration and in the interpretation without shortcuts of our present, openly facing the shadows and mysteries around emblematic figures such as Silvio Berlusconi , Don Pino Puglisi, Simonetta Cesaroni and Emanuela Orlandi, seeking justice with the bitter awareness that, sometimes, intellectual achievements do not always equal civil victories.


The Fellini Prize is therefore attributed to Roberto Faenza for his unique artistic and intellectual qualities in terms of talent and the courage to express it in favor of values, people, ideas otherwise forgotten or deliberately ignored by others.

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