The Director that will be awarded tonight is a very important American Director who has always tried to be invisible, which seems a pure nonsense in the film business, and especially in the Hollywood World. From the very start, this Director has decided not to become a film star. And when he immediately won an Academy Award for his first short film, he did not change his mind. Why? Because he has always been standing for the rights of the common people. In his entire career, this director has made powerful films animated by a pure sense of justice that only children can have. He never forgot he is the son of a waitress and he let us know with great pride. He has been two times the head of the Director’s Guild and his colleagues wanted him forever to be their Union’s boss. The director we are talking about is more than a great director, he is an amazing man. And we think that it’s not by accident that he ended up marrying a great actress and a great woman who is tonight with him as usual and who kept saying for a very long time that she would never get married.

The Fellini Platinum Award for Cinematic Excellence goes to:

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